Natural Firelighters

Natural firelighters are made of certificated wood wool and paraffin wax.

Firelighters are excellent when you want to light a fire in wood burning stoves, fire places, Barbecues & pizza ovens. 

Only one piece of firelighters is required to light a fire in up to 10 mins. 

This product has no impact on grilled food as it does not include any chemicals.

One pack of 24 firelighters £2.50

   *Buy 5 packs for £10.00*

10kg House coal £4.50

*Buy 10 for £40.00*

House coal is the traditional fuel, mined and used across the UK.
As it is inexpensive 
and provides good heat. However coal is not suitable for use in areas that are smoke controlled.

10kg smokeless coal £5.50

   *Buy 10 for £50.00*

Smokeless coal is a fantastic option for fuelling your open fire or multi-fuel stove. The coal doesn't produce visible smoke when burned so is great alternative to other fuels.

Softwood log nets
£3.50 Each or
3 Log nets for £10.00


Nets of kindling  

3 Nets of Kindling for £10.00   


All firewood prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%